Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to reality

We're back from vacation & I'm having withdrawals from the sea breeze, salt water, ocean waves, sand toys, umbrellas, Grotto's pizza & everything else that goes along with a beach trip.
The thermometer in our car read 103* as we made the drive home...I must say I wasn't disappointed to be leaving the sweltering shores of the east coast on the hottest day of the year, but saying goodbye to a week of togetherness with my family wasn't easy.  Calling a small oceanfront condo home for five days kind of makes me wish for a smaller house.  There were no shout-outs from the kitchen down to the family room asking for dinner suggestions, and no one was cooped up in their own room watching tv.  We were together - all four of us - in 500 square feet of living space.  Cozy.

Anyway...I'm back to laundry, dishes, meal planning, grocery shopping & dentist appointments...Dan is installing new outdoor light fixtures that we got on clearance at Home Depot a few weeks ago...Daniel just helped me with a few back-to-school chores...and Joel is napping.

Happy Saturday! :)

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