Friday, August 19, 2011

Share your back to school traditions...

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D is getting ready to start the year in fourth grade at a new school (our district has K-3 buildings, then it's onto intermediate school for 4-6).  I can't believe how fast the elementary years flew by...before we know it, J will be in kindergarten and we'll be sending D to high school. Not even thinking about it!!
Anyway...back to school reminds me that carefree summer days are over and that new beginnings are upon us.  As a teacher, I'm home all summer with my kids, so we really don't have any one tradition that we do every year.  We have a blast all summer long...and for that, I am forever grateful!
I always let D pick something fun to do on our last week off.  This year, he opted to go mini golfing, have lunch & ice cream, and then we stopped at Target to see what we could find in the way of deals.  It was a fun day, and I enjoyed spending it with both my boys :)
We also stock up on special snacks for during the school day and coming home after long hours of hard work.  We actually just got back from grocery shopping...Our full pantry & my empty wallet tell me that we've got plenty of goods on hand.   He chose Pringles packs, mini boxes of raisins, pudding & applesauce cups, and individual bags of  Cheez-its & fudge striped cookies.  :)
I don't dedicate one day to back to school shopping, because I like to pick up good deals when I see them.  We are out and about a few times a week during the summer searching for crazy good deals. :)  The internet is also a great place to snag back to school stuff at good prices.
New kickers are a must-have for every kid...we stopped at the Nike outlet on our way home from the beach in July to see what we could find.  After trying on just a couple pairs, he found the perfect ones!  He also got new socks and season is already in full swing with practice two nights a week and games starting soon.
We hit Target's back to school section.  Hard.  He loaded up on mechanical pencils, colored pencils, markers, a crazy big canvas binder (think new generation Trapper Keeper - ha!), Penn State folders & notebooks, soccer ball erasers, highlighters and the like.  He may never use some of the stuff, but by golly if it was cool, we got it....because I'm a cool mom.  Well, maybe not, but it sounds good. 


  1. I hope the backpack situation works out! I tried to pick up school clothes for my preschool when I found them on sale.

  2. He got his new backpack...finally! He thinks it was worth the wait! Yay for sales :)