Saturday, October 29, 2011

Half - birthday...really?

I haven't been able to believe it each time Joel has turned another month older, but half the year has gone by, and I truly don't know where the time has gone.   Six months old is bittersweet.  Our baby will only be a baby for another six months, and then he'll be considered a toddler.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Wait, I do know how I feel - I am so sad that he is growing so fast (yet thankful that I get to witness his growth every day)...and those infant days are almost in the past...I cried when I changed out his dresser with 6-9 mos. clothes a couple weeks ago :(
But I also look forward to when he will be crawling, walking, and talking & I am excited to watch him grow as I've done with his big brother...who will be 10 in less than three months - let's not even talk about that yet!...moving on...
*He doesn't roll over much (and it has only been belly to back), but we have reports from the babysitter that he rolled from his back to his belly at about 5 months, 1week.  It will be official when I see it with my own eyes, as I wish to believe I'll witness all his "firsts" whether they really are or not - being a working mom & all, I have that right, right?   :)
* Joel can sit by himself!!!  He sits and plays with his toys for long periods of time, and is so much more content when he is upright, even though he topples over now & then.  :)
* Not only is he eating solids, he loves them now!  He gets excited and starts waving his arms when we put his bib on and when the veggies come out.  His favorites are sweet potatoes & bananas, but really - he eats anything (as of now)  I will even mash up potatoes and carrots that we're having with dinner & he likes that :)
*He goes to bed between 8 & 9 and is pretty much sleeping through the night.  There are some nights when he will grace us with fussing at 3am, but we have recently tried turning Froggie on and giving him Monkey, and he goes right back to sleep without needing to eat.  Side note: Froggie's batteries died this week...I will be stocking up on AAA batteries ASAP. 
* He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he gums everything he can get his hands on...we are now keeping small things out of his reach!!
* He recently started to make this silly screeching sound - and then he giggles!  He squeals and giggles when anyone makes funny faces or talks to him.  He "talks" lots & likes to make his motor run :)
* Favorite toys: Froggie...mentioned above - shines stars on the ceiling and plays lullabies (from Gee & Pappy when he was born), Pooh crinkle book, O-ball, Jumperoo...he bounces like crazy in that thing & gets a serious look on his face when he plays with the jungle animals on it - we just moved it up to the second setting today...he couldn't quite reach & made a big fuss...I stuck a pillow under his feet, and he started to giggle..cute!  Monkey is still a must-have at bedtime...Another note to self - pack Monkey and Froggie on our next road trip!!!   :)
* I can't believe Joel's first Halloween & Thanksgiving will be in the past the next time I update for his 7-month b'day. 
*He weighed 19lbs. 7oz. and measured 27 1/4 in. at his six month well visit...definitely growing fast!!
* No pictures yet, but today Joel is witnessing his first snowfall. In October. Yuck.

Happy Six Month Birthday to our sweet baby boy!  We love you, Joel!
And, yes...there will be cookie cake.  Cause that's how we roll.

He looks so much like his dad and big brother :)
one of my favorites :)

 "tailgating" at a soccer game

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  1. It is so hard to believe that our Baby Joel is past his half year mark. Not living close, it's so great following your blog and facebook, we get to watch him grow through your words and pictures. We miss and love you all. Gee :)