Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinterest, be mine.

The best of this week...

I love these tile coasters.  So unique...and cheap to make!

 This magnetic make-up board right here, brilliant.  I am SO making one of these when I get the time.

This salt & honey scrub is such a cute gift idea, and I love the jar...can't wait to make some!

One of many things I could do with my corks...if only I had the time!

 Sweet cookies...I think we'll make these for Valentine's Day :)
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  1. i saw the makeup organizers last you think i made it yet?? lol Love the cookie ideas! thanks for sharing!!!

    1. I REALLY would LOVE to make EVERYTHING I see, but we all know that's not realistic ;)
      Hoping to have time over the summer during Joel's naps to try some things :)