Friday, June 29, 2012

show us your life - kids' bedrooms & nurseries...

We moved Daniel's room to our extra bedroom when we were preparing the nursery for Joel's arrival.  He ended up with the biggest room in the house, yet it is usually the most cluttered.   We I spent two whole days during Joel's naps cleaning, sorting, and organizing the week after school was out for summer.  I really wish I had before pictures, but just imagine all the stuff in various piles on every square inch of the floor and bed & you might appreciate the organization.  He loves all things sports.  Penn State & Pittsburgh teams are his favorites.  We will eventually paint and hang the sports decals that I've had for two years - yes, I said two years!

Here he is, proud of his clean room!
His snow globe collection is on his dresser, far right corner 
{not sure why I didn't get a closer shot of those}
 Air hockey table with storage bins/baskets underneath


Soccer trophies :)

This is Dan's pleather couch from college...
Daniel wanted it & we didn't have anywhere else to put it.
The TV used to be in our room, then became Dan's computer monitor.  
We passed it on when he upgraded monitors. 
Joel's room is probably my favorite room in the house.  It has been since it was Daniel's room when we first moved in...I think  like it so much because it's small & cozy.  Daniel had a nautical room since he outgrew his Peter Rabbit nursery on his second birthday and he was ready for a change...when we found out we were having another boy, I decided to use all of his things to decorate Joel's nursery.  The only decor we needed to buy was the bedding.  Missing from the pictures is the wooden rocking horse my parents bought for Daniel's first birthday...if I think of it, I'll add it later, but chances are, I probably won't think of it ;)

 Joel's crib  :)

We love this glider and have spent many nights rocking :)
Dan made the side table and stool when he was in high school.  
I repainted and decorated it with stencils & glued nautical rope around the edges.

This is Joel's dresser/changing table and hutch.  
We bought this and the crib from a friend for a great bargain.
They aren't truly matching pieces, but it works.  
I especially like it because it is huge & has tons of storage space.

I love this shelf!  My mom bought it for Daniel years ago. 
Most of the decor is from our many summer vacations at the shore :)

Daniel passed his kitchen set down to his little brother
{who absolutely loves playing here, "cooking" and banging his pots & pans!}
This is where the crib was before we moved the kitchen in.
Once Joel has a big boy bed, we will move the kitchen to that wall 
and the decal will once again be above his head while he sleeps :)
I bought the toy bins at Target last summer...they hold so them!

Right above his door hangs this little piece of art that I bought a long time ago...
I heart the beach!

 Another toy bin, book basket & hamper
My sister and her family gave this puzzle stool to Joel for his first birthday.  
He loves taking the letters out and helping us put them back in :)

So...those are my kids' rooms...they aren't fancy & not even so neatly organized...but they're home to many hours of fun play time and peaceful nights :)

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  1. These look like great rooms. The most important thing is what you said in the last sentence, "home to many hours of fun play time and peaceful nights." I completely agree!