Friday, June 1, 2012

show us your room

As you can see, our living room is truly where we live and spend most of our time.  It is not perfect or fancy, but it's our cozy space & we like it.  

I love  this sectional couch!!  We bought it when we moved into our house almost eight years ago.  
It fits perfectly in the space we have, and it's so comfy!   :)
The wall to the right still needs painted {notice the spackling. ha!}

Dan bought this leather lazy boy for my birthday when I was pregnant with 
Daniel almost eleven years ago...I loved rocking him when he was a baby, and now I'm rocking Joel.
It is so special to me!  :)

This ottoman serves as Joel's toy box as well as a bench for extra seating when we have company. 

 This  floor pillow moves all over the place, but this is its home when no one is using it.

{Board games under coffee table & scattered variety of toys courtesy of Daniel and Joel :)}


  1. I love the recliner! My husband and son would be fighting over it everyday.
    I truly love your space. Lots of room for seating and family fun.
    I'm really enjoying visiting the SUYL participants this week. I'm loading up with lots of decorating ideas.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you :)
    I like your cozy space & those French doors!! I, too, LOVE black & white photos. Thanks for commenting...have a great weekend, too!! :)

  3. Isn't it crazy how kids' toys take over the whole house?!??!

  4. I know! I'm scared of the SUYL - kids's rooms post b/c my older son's room is a disaster!!!