Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy thursday - Target finds

It's been awhile since I've posted about Target clearance sales, partly because I haven't had the time and partly because I've been lazy.  But...last week I snagged some awesome finds in various departments throughout the store:

 I put this picnic basket together for a birthday present.  
  • glasses - $7.68 for both   {reg. 5.99 each}
  • paper blocks - $1.98 {reg. 3.99}
  • linen napkins - $11.12 for all four {reg. 3.99 each} 
  • picnic basket: Dayspring & bottled water: TJ Maxx - everything else: Target 
If I wouldn't have been shopping for a gift, I probably wouldn't have gotten anything here except for maybe the paper blocks.  The glasses and napkins are cute, but they were a little more than I would normally spend for something like that to go in my stockpile.  However, if they wouldn't have been on sale, I would have probably gotten them since I needed the gift.
  • canisters with lids - $4.44 for all 3 {reg. 4.99 each}
  • nautical decor - $5.98 {reg. 19.99} ~ This is for Joel's room...I love it!
  • SpongeBob notebooks - $2.80 for both {reg. 2.00 each} ~ for school prize box
  • bubbles - $3.00 for all 3 {reg. 2.00 each} ~ for school prize box
  • picture frame - $ 2.38 {reg. 7.99}
  • coasters - $2.98  {reg. 9.99}
  • sippy cup - $4.88 {reg. 6.99}
  • tea lanterns - $3.96 for both {reg. 3.99 each} ~ I'm going to use these to store pencils at school
Each of the above items are things I would have never paid regular price for. They are simply items that I will be able to use in my classroom, to decorate with at home, and to add to my stockpile.

If I would have paid regular price for everything {which I wouldn't have} in both pictures, I would have spent $109.84.  Instead, I spent $51.20 and saved a total of...$58.64 {a little more than 50% savings}.  Woohoo!!!  Be on the lookout for Target's annual summer toy clearance!  Happy Saving :)

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