Saturday, November 3, 2012


Due to Hurricane Sandy, our trick-or-treat night was pushed back to Friday, hence the late post.  This is the first time in about eight years since Daniel actually participated.  I was so excited that he finally agreed {after several attempts to back out at the last minute}.  There may or may not have been bribery that involved candy. 
Daniel had the idea for both of them to dress as Star Wars characters.  He wanted to be Anakin Skywalker and for Joel to be Yoda.  I did find some cute Yoda costumes on Pinterest, I also thought this and this would have been adorable.  But…our babysitter offered for us to borrow a monkey costume.  Joel loves his stuffed monkey and bananas, so I went with the free/easy option.  Any wagers on how much I spent on Halloween this year?  Drum roll, please…..$0!  That’s right, folks, I didn’t spend a penny on Halloween costumes.  Daniel’s “costume” was made up of apparel from my closet {khaki dress & belt, black scarf, brown leggings, and black boots}.  He added his light saber and we were ready to roll.
It was so much fun walking through our neighborhood with the boys as we passed fellow trick-or-treaters carrying their plastic pumpkins and pillow cases full of sugary treats.  Joel eagerly walked up to a few doors, tried to go right in a few houses, but then after he walked a bit, he decided the stroller was a much warmer and cozier choice! 

We hope you had a safe and sweet Halloween!


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