Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just because.

We text or call each other almost every day. 
She was there for the birth of both my baby boys.  
She stayed with Daniel, cleaned our house, did our laundry, and cooked our meals when Joel was born. 
She loves her grandsons, all five of them, with all her heart.  
She treats our husbands like sons she never had.
She calls to check in when one of us is sick.
I get a box of heart-shaped peanut butter melt-aways (my favorite!) in the mail every Valentine's Day.
We get Easter baskets, even the big kids.
She sends me Mother's Day cards.
The UPS truck pulls in the driveway for Daniel to find a back-to-school package every year. 
She still throws me a birthday party with cake & presents.  I'm almost 32.
When she comes for a visit, her car is loaded down with all our favorite snacks.
She feeds my baby when I'm trying on clothes in the fitting room. 
When we come home for a visit, her kitchen is full goodies.
If our babies are cranky at mealtime, she holds them while we eat.
She makes the best roast beef dinners you could ever imagine.
She keeps her grandsons so her girls can have "Christmas Shopping Day."  This is a day they've been known build mini snowmen inside because it was too cold outside.
Our Christmas cash comes in a mini stocking...and everybody has their own style of wrapping paper. 
She does without so she can give to others.
She taught me to be kind and thoughtful, and I only hope that I can be there for my kids like she's been there for me.
She is the best mom anyone could ask for, and I love her with all my heart!!!