Friday, August 5, 2011

Keep it Real

Link up at Kelly's Corner - Show us Your Life - Blogging Tips.

I will preface this by saying that I'm new at blogging, and most of my ideas and suggestions are based on being a blog reader rather than a blog writer.  I've always had an interest in blogging...well, I mean ever since having personal blogs, mostly "mommy blogs," have become popular.  I love reading about how other people "do life," especially since there's a new baby in our house. :) 

 * I write best about what I know best.  I love my family.  Being a wife & mom are my favorite things.  I'm a teacher.  I'm a planner and an organizer.  I stay away from topics that don't interest me...If I'm not interested in writing it, no one will want to read it...even if it's something they're passionate about.

* Typos and bad grammar drive me insane!  I always check and double-check before I publish.   Even then, I usually find an error and have to go back to edit.

* I'm not a big fan of posts that create drama and big debates.   
* I'm honest.  Blogs that make the writer's life look like a fairytale aren't my thing.  Nobody lives like that...if you do, I want your secret!  Keep it real.

* I plan to write a few times a week about things that are on my mind.  It could be about my son's winning goal at a soccer game, my baby boy trying a new vegetable, a great deal, a new movie, a favorite we do life in our house.  Mix it up!

* Make it fun :)


  1. If you find out that secret, please, let me know! I'm not a fan of drama and debates either. Great tips :)

  2. Thanks! And, if I find out, it will definitely be a post!

  3. Great tips! I hate bad grammar! Your/You're and There/Their/They're is simple! Learn it people! :)

  4. I know, right? Its & it's are big ones, too. They make me cringe!