Friday, September 2, 2011

Favorite blogs...

~ Link up at at Kelly's Corner - Show Us Your Life: Favorite Blogs. ~
There are a lot blogs that I read from time to time, but there are a select few that I have to read on a regular basis. Now that I've started back to work, I only have time to read on the weekends, but I look forward to catching up! Here are my favorites...
Kelly's Corner - She always posts the cutest pictures of her girls...they are so sweet - I go there just to see what they are up to...and those hair bows - too cute! I am tempted to buy some for Joel...totally kidding, Dan - in case you are checking up on my blog ;) I also envy her clutter-free house & interior decorating skills!
Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things is just full of inspiration. I stumbled on to her blog right after her sweet daughter, Nella, was born with Down's Syndrome. Kelle is an awesome writer...and an equally awesome photographer - I wish I had half her talent :)
I found Angie Smith at Bring the Rain shortly after she lost her sweet Audrey. She is a great writer...I read her book, I Will Carry You, last summer and cried most of the way through. Her latest book, What Women Fear, just released yesterday! You can get it here for just $7.99...go get one!
The Mom Creative - a life well-crafted
is a great blog about everyday life and great deals. I love reading about her adorable kids...she, too, is a great photographer. I love that she gets her point across in short posts most of the time. They are very easy to read...I wish I wasn't so long-winded sometimes! :)
Erin at The Vintage Pearl makes beautiful hand-stamped jewelry...I have this necklace and love, love, love it! She's also a wonderful photographer! :)
(in)courage - Home for the hearts of women is full of daily inspiration from tons of women just like you and me.
Happy reading...and if you're a college football fan, WE ARE.... you know the rest!
Have a happy & safe Labor Day weekend! :)

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