Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Devotions

I won't pretend that we have a perfect family and that we remember to do devotions every day.   But...we do have a book that we should read from on a somewhat regular basis.  One Year of Dinner Table Devotions by Nancy Guthrie is a book with 365 pages of daily stories & discussion starters (one for each day, dated from January 1 - December 31).   I don't know about you, but I like books and calendars like that, because it's easy to read for that day if you've missed some & I don't have to remember what I read last.  Each topic is different, and it's not necessary to read every day in order to gain wisdom and insight.
We try to sit down and eat dinner as a family at least four evenings a week (sometimes it's just impossible with soccer practice, church meetings, and school events).  There are nights when it's a real fast meal (envision brown paper bags with golden arches), but this book makes it easy to grab & read a quick passage that gets us all involved.  It's kid-friendly, and Daniel leads most of the time when we read them.  He even served communion on a day when that was the topic...complete with grape juice & bread :)
If you don't already have a devotional book that you love, I encourage you to try this one.  It has  meaningful stories & discussions for every family.
Each day's devotion includes....
*Several scriptures on the day's theme to read together
*A brief devotion that gets everyone thinking and talking
*Discussion starter questions to engage even the youngest and most reluctant participants
Source: One Year of Dinner Table Devotions by Nancy Guthrie, 2008
Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post...just sharing my thoughts :)

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