Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shocked & Saddened.

I'm shocked by the events leading to the firing of the greatest coach in the history of college football.  I'm trying to wrap my head around it, but I can't.  I am saddened that the University as a whole has lost its dignity because of one selfish offender, and he took everyone down with him.  Try explaining all of this to a 9-year-old {in terms he will understand} who has known and loved JoePa and Penn State football for as long as many years as he is old.  As a graduate of one of the best Universities the Commonwealth has to offer, I still bleed blue and white.  I will not allow this to tarnish my opinions of Penn State.  Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, especially the innocent victims of these heinous acts. 


  1. This is a very emotional time for everyone... I bet Daniel is upset. The pictures of the kids with their PSU attire is somehow now sad :( They are so happy in the pictures and proud! PSU is more than football, but in a child's eyes that sometimes is all they see. ~~Mom-Gee~~

  2. He cried when I told him this morning, and said "JoePa!" I could bawl...Penn State is WAY more than football and WAY more than one idiot ruining it for the rest of us & those innocent victims.