Sunday, January 22, 2012

Target clearance? Yes, please.

An afternoon at Target.  On Saturday. Alone.  Pure bliss.  Daniel went to a friend's house for the afternoon & Dan stayed home with Joel.  I needed to go for our regular list of toiletries, baby essentials, etc.  I love my kids dearly, but when I can go and walk up and down every aisle, taking my time to look at each clearance shelf, without "Mom, can I get this?  Can I have that? Pleeeease?" and stopping in the middle of the trip for a diaper change, my heart skips a beat.  Seriously.  Retail therapy at its finest, I tell you.  I gathered the items on my list first, and then anything else I threw in the cart was icing on the cake.  
Here are my finds from yesterday's trip...

 {2} gold and white cloth place mats - $2.78ea. {reg. 3.99ea}
2-cup fat separator {I will probably use as a regular measuring cup} - $2.98 {reg. 9.99}
Pair of blue commuter flats w/ tote - $3.88 {reg. 12.99}
Zoobles  - $3.88 {reg. 12.99} 
Baby pack of Q-tips - $2.18 {reg. 3.14}
10 oz. package Nestle's Dark & Mint chocolate chips - $1.28 {reg. 2.59}
Hello Kitty Lego set - $10.98 {reg. 34.99}
Total spent: $30.74
Total I would have spent: $84.67
Total savings: $53.93
They are having awesome clearance sales in every department.  Many items were still only 30% off...I'll keep watching until they are 70% off!  Where do you like to shop clearance sales?  What do you buy?  Share your finds :)


  1. i just bought a pair of men's slippers (for me!) for $8.08 that were regularly $26 from Target! my favorite store!

  2. ooh...I love the mint and chocolate chips! i buy them all of the time at amelias and d&k...yummy cookies! they did have good discounts. i was good...only bought one pair of slippers for $5...because I returned the pair mark bought for me at christmas because he paid full price:)lol He told me I could:)

    1. I can't wait to bake cookies - I think I may wait and make them for St. Patrick's Day {with the green & all} @ the slippers - I bought Dan & I both slippers at reg. price BEFORE Christmas & while I love them, I've since seen them on clearance & it made me sad...but oh well ;)