Monday, January 2, 2012


Let me just say, I've never been one to make and actually keep any New Year's resolutions I've ever made.  Therefore, I quit making them. You could say I made a resolution not to make a promise I know I probably wouldn't keep.  The last few days of 2011 had me thinking and questioning myself as to whether or not I'd make a resolution.  I went with no, and didn't think much about it until I woke up to see a big green 12:06 on the clock next to our bed and heard gunshots and fireworks blasting in the night sky.  I totally missed the ball drop to welcome 2012.  The first time I have ever missed it in my entire adult life.  I was heartbroken, but I wasn't the only one who missed it...I reached over to find Dan sound asleep.  Daniel was out like a light at the foot of our bed. I hurried to wake Dan, we did our midnight kiss & then I went to kiss both boys on their foreheads.  It was then that I realized how blessed I truly am.  It's not about keeping my eyes open to experience an event that remains the same year after year.  It's not about throwing confetti or blowing horns or wearing party hats or toasting to bubbly at the stroke of midnight {although those things are exciting}.  It's about being blessed   every single day of the year, and actually realizing that you are blessed.
{These blocks were my inspiration for this post - I recently purchased them here...I gave a set to my sister for Christmas and kept a set for myself.  As I was putting Christmas decorations away yesterday, I got these out &was reminded once again that I am blessed.}
I know I fall short in so many ways.  There are times when I know I could be a better wife.  A better mom. A better daughter, sister, and friend. matter what comes my way, I know that I'm always blessed beyond measure to have the love, friendship, and support from my husband, parents, kids, and friends.  My goal for 2012 is to take a moment each day and count those blessings.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
Be blessed.
What is your word for 2012?


  1. This is great! Thanks for linking up with me!


  2. Blessed is a great word. Happy are you is what is means.


  3. Oh I love it! BE BLESSED, like it's an action, not just a state. Great post!