Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart you.

Happy Valentine's Day!  We don't go all out, but we always try to do a few things to make it extra special.

Over the weekend, we made this...
 and these... 
We added our own twist to each, so they are not the same as the originals...but yummy anyway :)

Joel is getting these little color crayon books from the dollar spot at Target...
I got this light saber for Daniel...

Since we don't like to leave the kids on weekends, Dan & I are both taking a day off next week and taking a road trip while Daniel is in school and Joel is at the babysitter.  I'm not sure where we'll end up, but spending the day together will be fun, no matter what we do.  In the meantime, I stuck a lottery ticket in his card & woke up to these...sweet :)
Every year, I stop at Rutter's to get Daniel a red slush on my way home from work...that won't happen today, because he was up sick through the night and couldn't go to school.  I'm home with the kids, and hoping the rest of us stay healthy.  

I think I will try my hand at a variation of Giada's calzone recipe for dinner tonight.  As for Daniel, he will be on the BRAT diet until further notice. 

I hope you and your family are having a lovely day together, no matter how you choose to celebrate.  Even though we're stuck inside, we're making the best of cuddling under thick quilts, and I'm catching up on lots of laundry!

Hugs!! :)

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