Wednesday, February 15, 2012

last minute valentine idea

Yesterday was not a traditional Valentine's Day for us.  I was home with a sick boy, cleaning and disinfecting, meanwhile trying to take care of Joel and plan a somewhat decent dinner for Dan & me.  I put Joel down for his afternoon nap and crashed on the opposite end of the couch where Daniel had slept most of the day.  We were up all night long the night before, and I was exhausted. I woke up two hours later, feeling like I had been beaten in my sleep.  Long story short, the calzones didn't get made, there was no wine, and Dan ended up eating leftover take-out for dinner.   I felt so bad, so I thought of a cute idea.  I wrote I heart U in lipstick on the bathroom mirror {I know that is not a new idea}...We had new cream-colored loofahs in the bathroom cabinet, so I threw our old ones out, cut red hearts out of foam {from our craft bin}, put a slit in the middle of each, and slid them over the string.  I think they turned out cute, and it was a fun way to brighten up the shower.  He thanked me for the cute hearts and the message on the mirror...I crawled into bed in my over-sized t-shirt and went to sleep.  Yeah...not your traditional day of love, but I think this is super cute...and so easy! :)

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