Monday, October 29, 2012

Eighteen months.

Eighteen months ago today, we welcomed Joel Maddox into our lives.  I can't believe how fast this has gone and how much he has grown in such a short time.  He is developing and learning new things each day and is "talking" more and more.  He can climb the stairs {has been for a few months}. We're still teaching him to slide down step by step on his bottom, but he isn't quite there yet.  We will continue to use the gate until he has mastered both directions!!  Thankfully, Joel is completely weaned from his bottle {since mid-September}.   For awhile, he cried {cute pouty} face when I would drop him off at the babysitter each morning.  Over the past few weeks, he just walks in, waves, and grins as I walk away.  There are two kitties there that he loves on every day...although, I'm not so sure they feel the same about him!

Joel mostly sleeps through the night.  Bedtime routine starts around 7:30 with bath, teeth-brushing, book,  snuggle time, prayers, and the occasional trip back downstairs for cookies and milk.  He's usually in his crib ready to snuggle up with Monkey, Dottie & Silky {his fave blankets}, and Froggy playing music by 8:00 and sleeps until I have to wake him in the morning around 6:30.
Joel took his first train ride at the Strasburg Railroad last weekend when Grandma and Grandpa were here for a visit.  He wasn't so keen on the actual ride {picture the last five minutes: jumping, screaming, and trying to escape down the aisle}, but he loved playing at the train tables at the toys store for almost an hour afterwards while everyone else toured the museum {once again screaming his lungs out when I put him back in his stroller to walk back to the car}.  Those fits seem to be more and more frequent, and I'm hoping they get better instead of worse! 
Joel's favorites...
words:  Mama, Dada, Boo & "Dael" {his variation of Boog & Daniel}, uh-oh, no, and others that we can't yet decode.  :)
foods: bananas, raisins, yogurt, cinnamon-sugar toast, cheese, corn, pizza, and anything sweet!  He is becoming more and more picky, not eating as many meats and vegetables...but most of his favorites are healthy. :)
toys: he loves dragging all our phone & computer charger cords around more than anything else...but I suppose his favorite "real" toys are Daniel's old Thomas Lego set...He builds the track and lots of towers with Daddy & Daniel.  He also likes anything else with wheels. 
activities: bath time, brushing his teeth, shaking his head yes & no, singing and dancing anytime there's a song in the air,  folding his hands to pray at dinner, "playing" hockey on the Wii with Daniel...put a remote in his hand and he's good to go!  He also loves to do everything with Daniel...they're inseparable at times. :)
show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

On your six month birthday, we weathered your first snow, we prepare for Hurricane Sandy.  Hoping and praying we all stay safe!  Happy 18-month birthday, Joel!  We love you!!! :)
p.s. I will be back in December for 18-month stats from his well visit :)

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