Friday, September 9, 2011

Preserving memories...what's your style? - Curious George - and a giveaway

I wish I had some stellar wall with nothing but an awesome presentation of children's the ones you see in magazines?...but the truth of the matter is, I don't.  Even though I'm usually organized, when it comes to storing and displaying artwork,  pictures, and other memories, I wish I could do better.  
I try to keep our fridge organized and up-to-date with cute pictures, but it usually falls by the wayside and ends up looking as if photos just jumped out of nowhere and landed any old way they chose!

For Daniel's first birthday, I bought a small bin and created a "time capsule."  I gathered his newborn beanie, his coming-home outfit, pacifier, and lots of other memorabilia from his first year.  I also included all the birthday cards, the "1" candle from his cake, and some other small reminders of his special day.  At our family party, I had everyone write something special on an index card for him to read on his 18th birthday.  Since then, my grandma has passed (when he was only 18 months old)...I hope everyone else is still here to see him celebrate his 18th birthday, but those words will be so precious for him to read and keep forever.  (I have read them all a few times & cry each time - in fact, I read them on the 8th anniversary of my grandma's death last week when I took the pictures for this post.) I plan to do the same for Joel on his first birthday.  I actually started his already so I won't be rushing around when I'm planning for his big me crazy, but I already have a gamete of first birthday themes spinning in my head...ha! 
For preschool and kindergarten, I bought a small lidded tote at the beginning of the year and  put special art projects and papers in them.  Daniel's art teacher in elementary school kept most of their projects throughout the year (love that girl & her talent!) and sent them home in a huge portfolio at the the past few years, I have just put report cards and writing projects in with his artwork and put them on the top shelf of his closet. From time to time, we go through and look at's amazing to see how his artistic abilities have grown over the years! 
I treasure photographs.  I have recently started editing on Picnik and I LOVE it!!!  Some might say I'm obsessed!  Even though I have a little Nikon CoolPix point & shoot that I think I paid $119 for at Target a couple summers ago, I feel like I capture awesome shots and can edit them to make them look somewhat better than the camera I am using.  It is my dream to own a Canon Rebel or some other semi-professional camera...but no matter what, I'm capturing lots of smiles, milestones, and action shots that will last a lifetime.
A scrap-booker, I am not...I personally think it is a waste of time (for me).  I apologize to those of you who pour your heart and soul into scrap booking, but I just don't have the time, patience, or creativity to devote to it!...and I admire you for all your hard work...any scrap book I've ever looked through has been crafted so beautifully and holds precious memories!  I do, however, love those photo albums with a place to write captions.  I have several for each year since Daniel was born.  It's a great way for me to chronicle memories and keep them organized  (without scrap-booking!)
I also make photo books on photo-sharing sites, such as Shutterfly, Picaboo, Paper Coterie, etc.  Membership is free, and they always offer great deals and coupons via email once you have joined.  My sister and I share an account on Shutterfly and create personalized calendars and other gifts for our families each Christmas.  They look forward to them and always get big smiles when they get that little package to open :)
Each and every photo and piece of artwork is a special keepsake and can never be matter how you preserve memories for your family!  Leave a comment here and/or "like" CandidColelctions & comment on Facebook to win a coupon code for a FREE 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly...One random commenter will be chosen Sunday.   :) 

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Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by any of the photo sites in my post...just sharing some good ideas :)
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  1. Love the birthday message/index card idea!! Love it!!

    I'm like you... I don't have a great camera but feel like I do a pretty good job with pictures too. And I also love Picnik!

    Just found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I'm a new follower.

  2. Thank you :)
    I'm not sure where I found the idea...probably in a baby magazine of some's been over 8 years since I planned that party! Welcome to CandidCollections! :)

  3. Love your ideas! Oh, and I also think scrapbooking is a waste.