Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Weekend steals at Target - a water bottle was included inside each lunchbox :)
The boys and I hit Target on Sunday afternoon...You know...the kind of trip where you say you're only making a return, getting Gerber yogurt, diapers, and Vicks chest rub...then you end up loading the cart with soccer socks, football cards, and who-knows-what-else?  Well, I'm glad Daniel mentioned that he needed new socks for this weekend's soccer tournament, because sporting goods delivered in the clearance section!  I scored two bobble bottles/lunchbox kits for $3.24 each {reg. $12.99} and a thermal travel mug for $3.94 {reg. $15.99}...I would have spent $41.77 had I paid full price {but I would have never spent that much for those three items}.  Instead, I spent $10.42...for a total savings of $31.35!   I could have gotten and saved a lot more, but we were in a time crunch.  Yay for good deals and gifts for my stockpile.   :)

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