Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - March 5-16

I haven't menu planned in a while, because we've been sick, running to appointments, concerts, and the like for the past two weeks. This week's menu plan is a combination of what I haven't had a chance to make with a couple others added in. There are a couple meetings I should probably attend after school this week, but I've decided to clear my schedule and take advantage of quiet evenings at home with my family. We need to slow down! This is what we'll be eating for the next two weeks, in no particular order:

Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes, gravy & corn
Leftover meatloaf w/ potato pancakes {made from leftover mashed potatoes}, mixed veggies
Calzones w/ garden salads
boneless wings with build your own baked potatoes & broccoli
Grilled am slice with scalloped potatoes & veggie
Breakfast for dinner
Soup and grilled cheese
Broccoli cheese soup with fresh rye bread
Pork, hot dogs & sour kraut w/ mashed potatoes
Quesadillas {sliced green olives, cheese, bacon} w/ sour cream, salsa & rice
Homemade pizza
Burgers on the grill w/ homemade mac & cheese
Stuffed shells w/ garden salads

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